Tuesday, 11 January 2011

What are you doing for You in 2011?

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Following on from my last post where I talked about how I dealt with feelings of exhaustion, I wanted to share a few plans I have for 2011.

Having decided to stop battling with a busy schedule and do less, I've been wondering how I can put this into practice.

Last year, I did a few online courses, including the Experimental Art Course by Amelia Critchlow, who is a friend of mine.

I've always been creative, but like a lot of people, got put off art at school when my drawings didn't match up to how I wanted them to be.

Since having kids though, I've found myself having as much fun as them once the paints come out. So, I thought I'd take the plunge and see if I could go any further with my art.

The Experimental Art course takes you through Sketchbooks, Drawing and Doodling, Painting, Collaging (something I loved!) Photography and Contempory Art.

I really enjoyed my forays into art, which is why I'm going back to do the course again this month.

I've posted up some of the artworks I made on the first course here (including the picture which is now in the banner for the blog!)

Finger Painting


Also, on a more serious note, the proposed government cuts will drastically and detrimentally affect autistic and disabled, some of the most vulnerable in society.

Shockingly, there has been no consultation with any of the main charities such as the NAS over the dismantling of services and benefits needed by people with autism.

In repsonse to this, the ACT Autism Now campaign group has been set up to record the cuts in services to people with autism and their families.

You can help directly by recording how the cuts are affecting you.in your area.


  1. I am creatively challeneged when it comes to actual art, and am always in awe of anyone who can produce a piece of art that doesn't resmeble a squiggly mess.

    I actually really like your pieces! Getting back into something you clearly enjoy and have a talent for can only bring positives for you Rachel. I can imagine it will be a great release for you also.

    I look forward to seeing more.

    Regarding the government cuts, from our point of view we may be heavily affected.
    Soph currently gets DLA for both her CF and TOF/OA problems. I fear that with the proposed changes, Soph may lose out because CF and TOF are two conditions that are 'hidden' (not obvious disabilities) and are very variable from day to day. I guess similar to Autism? (forgive me if i'm wrong, i'm still learning from you all). If our children are evaluated on a good day, I fear that the overall picture will be missed.

    I have already participated in a few surveys etc and relayed all of our concerns for the proposals and encourage anyone, no matter what the reason for the benefit received, to write down their concerns and pass them on ASAP. This is going to affect a massive amount of vulnerable people and a blanket approach, in my eyes is never going to fit all xx

  2. I love that picture of the mug - I'm amazed it's finger painting. I'd love to be creative but I'm definitely not, so post your stuff and I can enjoy your art instead!

  3. I love your banner. I haven't got the time to be creative but I do enjoy looking at everybody elses works. Regarding the government cuts, we also feel threatened - my son has speech most of the time and it is easy to look at him and think he is 'normal' but he has significant difficulties which are hard to explain to someone who doesn't understand the autism spectrum.

  4. I totally hear you all about hidden disabilities- I think that we're in a really vulnerable position because we're an easy target.

    I've heard that the PCT's have sent out a notice to GP's to stop prescribing medications for autism and some epilepsy drugs and make the parents buy them- one of the drugs is melatonin, which Lyla needs although my Dr hasn't said anything to me yet, so fingers xed.

    Frankly, we have enough to put up with, without having to face yet another battle....

    Anyway, I've been sitting creating some more art this week, which has been an antidote to Lyla's new habit of waking up for 5 hours every night and charging around the house,gah!!

  5. I love the birds on a wire they are great. I am so much more creative now I have the children

  6. thank you for the lovely testimonial to the course - and of course lovely art work :)

    I still can't quite come to terms with the cuts. I am probably still in shock with it all . . . .

    Can't wait to see more of your creative work :)


  7. I really love your blog and I was recently bestowed this award which I would like to pass along to you. The Stylish Blogger Award :)

  8. I really enjoy reading this blog, & to see some results of the course us great, the finger painting is brilliant. We are currently fighting for more support so god knows how the changes will affect us, time will tell I guess.


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